Product name : Polyimide (Kapton) heater
Item : 2016317184454
Series № : MHF-PI-
Heating Material : 电热膜
Way of Heat Transfer : conduction or radiation
Heating Feature : rapid warming
Insulation Material : Polyimide film
Standard Certification : UL ROHS
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Hotohms™Polyimide Heaters series is based on polyester amide as insulating material with metal foil as in conductive heater with high temperature and high pressure sealing.
Electrothermal film thickness :0.08mm~0.2mm
Use temperature:-200 C ~200 C
Max. power density:7.8W/cm2

-Soft, thin and soft, good bending, shape can be customized with your device
-Surface of the heating, with a better uniformity of heating, the characteristics of faster heating rate.
-Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion,
-Long service life. The service life is 10 times of the traditional electric heating element.
-Power control precision, within the scope of + 5%.
-Thermal conversion rate of up to 98%, compared to the conventional heating element energy saving more than 30%.

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