Smart Air Heaters for Electrical Home Appliance Industry
Description of project
The solution design in this project is based on “new type fin” combined with “classical heating material” and smart control design:
Auto starting control by infrared sensor reacted by person’s presence.
Auto on-off control in accordance of temperature comparing result.
Assembling of solid type relay ensure quiet design while working of the system.
Overheat protection unit ensures the security of the heater while the heater fall down or in fault condition.
Project â„–
Application Origin
Project Cycle
35 working days
Mass Production Date
Technical design
Working Voltage
220 V AC
Rated Power
1000~2000 W in 2~3 gears
Heating Feature
Rapid warming, Constant power
Way of Thermal Transfer
Thermal Convection
Security / QC Standard
Device Part â„–
Design of Heating Unit
Heating Material
Chrome Alloy Heating Element
Thermal Transfer Material
Aluminum Alloy Fin
Insulation Material
Matching Parts and Auxiliary Equipment
Power Supply Unit
3 PIN Power Cord, 3*0.75 mm²
Control / Displaying Unit
Overheat Protection Unit
Restorable thermostat
Mounting Unit
Metal house
Thermal Transfer Auxiliary Unit
Axial Flow Fan
Previewing on some of the final products:

Project Tracking and Improvement